the curation of day, night, and pleasure.

CLEAR BLENDS.  ultra moisture.   no color.  no shine.

DAY has been blended to awaken with fresh grapefruit.  The DAY formula is created to protect the lips from damage that can be caused by the sun.  This perfect blend packs the necessary defense while maintaining a simple finish.

NIGHT is created to soothe with peppermint and vanilla BEAN.  The NIGHT formula truly comes alive as the sun falls.  A creamy lip balm that you will instantly fall in love with.  

The pleasure formula is created for lovers.  Infused with lavender and red currant, when warmed (by kissing) this ultra moisturizing balm produces pheromones.  You're welcome.

the benefits of jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil has a high similarity to Sebum (YOUR SKINS NATURAL OIL).  

ultra moisturizing for a natural healthy glow

jojoba contains beneficial minerals and Vitamin E.  prevents damage from free radicals.  Jojoba oil is considered an antibacterial, all while being extremely safe to use. 

the perfect sugar scrub.

Our perfect sugar scrub IS macadamia and jojoba oil based.  Blended with organic sugars and select healing ingredients.  our scrub is used to exfoliate and polish the lips. 

IT IS true that lips need exfoliation just like the skin. 

An exfoliant is important to remove dead skin that may cause your lips to dry and fLAKE. 

our lips DO NOT have oil producing glands.

the meticulous blend of oils are essential to the health of our lips.  This combination not only restores pink pigments in the lips, it is also used to moisturize and nourish the lips while providing an exfoliating agent. 

scrub practices.

Simply wet the lips with water.  Apply a small fingertip amount of our perfect sugar scrub and gently rub into the lips with two fingers for 20 seconds in a circular motion.  Rinse with water.  

Instantly your lips are returned to their natural splendor.

lip products.

all lip products are made with 100% organic oils and organic ingredients. 

All balms are also 100% vegan as they contain no beeswax.  .


our lip care is completely hand MADE TO ORDER IN SMALL BATCHES.  


All orders WILL ship within 5-8 business days of purchase. 

orders will be shipped via USPS and includes tracking. 

once shipped, we can no longer provide refunds.

Questions? Please CONTACT US.